Classroom & Staff – Dardenne

In a way to distinguish our rooms at The Morgan School and promote literacy, each room is based on a famous children’s book; children at The Morgan School are exposed to books and reading in a fun and interactive way.

Brown Bear
– Infant

The Moon Room
– Pre-Toddlers

Frog Room
– Toddlers

The Butterfly Room
– Young 2s

The Ladybug Room
– Old 2s

The Mouse Room
– Preschool

The Wild Things Room
– Preschool

The Fish Room
– Pre-Kindergarten

The Imagination Room
– School Age

Staff – Dardenne

The Morgan School-Dardenne Prairie, Director – Marcy Tribley

The Morgan School’s Director, Marcy Tribley, has been with us since the beginning. Marcy joined The Morgan School in Summer of 2008, before building construction was even complete and preparation for opening day was conducted at Meghann’s kitchen table. Marcy was with us on opening day in October 2008 and is an instrumental part of The Morgan School. Marcy benefits from a broad range of experience; graduating from Central Missouri State University, Marcy has been working in Early Childhood Education for over 16 years.

Marcy has significant experience as a classroom teacher and also as a center director and believes in the same philosophies which The Morgan School is built upon. Marcy’s enthusiasm for quality early childhood education is apparent the moment you meet her.  Marcy’s dedication to children and education make her a great fit within The Morgan School family.

The Morgan School- Dardenne Prairie, Assistant Director- Kristen Schoenfisch

Kristen Schoenfisch has been a part of The Morgan School since October 2008.  In the Fall of 2018, Kristen expanded her role at The Morgan School, as Assistant Director.  Since starting at The Morgan School when we opened 10 years ago, Kristen has had the experience to work with every age group and in every area of the school.  Her vast knowledge, of the school as a whole, is a great benefit in her ability to meet the needs of our teachers and families.

As the mother of three boys, Kristen realizes how important their early years of education were and knows first-hand how the learning environment at The Morgan School can benefit all children.  Together with a team of amazing and creative teachers, Kristen is committed to providing your family with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning.  At The Morgan School, we know that every child is unique and that the learning experience must be tailored to the individual child.  We strive to create and maintain an environment where you child can grow and thrive while exploring the world around them.

The Morgan School Owner & Operator – Meghann Davies

The Morgan School is owned & operated by Meghann Davies. To say that Meghann is “involved” in the day-to-day operations at The Morgan School would be a massive understatement.  Meghann splits her time between both locations in order to supervise the staff and oversee the school’s day-to-day operations but her primary responsibility is to assure that an unparalleled quality of service and education is offered to every child.

Meghann has been passionate about education from a young age and always knew she wanted to teach. Meghann attended Miami University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Education.

Prior to creating and opening The Morgan School, Meghann, a licensed Missouri teacher, taught in two St. Louis area school districts where she had radically different experiences. Meghann’s first teaching experience was with Riverview Gardens, a challenged North St. Louis County school district. Meghann taught in Riverview Garden’s alternative learning program for at risk high school students who struggled with behavioral issues and were on the verge of expulsion. Later, Meghann taught 4th grade within the Rockwood School District where she was consistently recognized for her dedication, energy, and high level of involvement.

While these two experiences were profoundly different, they both served to strengthen Meghann’s long held belief that the first years of education are critical to a child’s later academic success. Meghann recognized a need for an education based pre-school with a structured education plan that fosters a love of learning and strong self-confidence in every child. The Morgan School is the culmination of Meghann’s hard work and dedication to fill this need.

Fall of 2015, while sitting in a Wentzville PTA meeting, Meghann heard the news that the district was looking for land to build 2 new elementary school.  After some research, she located the areas in Wentzville that were needing quality early childhood education.  Fall of 2018, the dream of building and opening another Morgan School will become reality.

Meghann is also a Morgan School parent.  Meghann’s daughter, Eleanor, was the very first student enrolled, and was in the infant room on opening day in October 2008.  Meghann, Eleanor, and their dog Mazie live within the Wentzville School District.  Eleanor is an active student at Crossroads Elementary and can be found playing at The Morgan School most days after school.  Meghann is always available for any questions you may have.