Custom designed by renowned St. Louis architect, Dennis Tacchi, The Morgan School was built to stimulate our students and bring the outdoors in. Mr. Tacchi designed a bright, sunny environment that engages children and shows first time visitors, from their first step into the building, that The Morgan School is anything but typical. From the child-level windows in the infant and toddler rooms, to our huge multi-purpose room, attention was paid to even the smallest details.

Our Outdoor Classroom is separate from our playgrounds and gives our students the opportunity to learn in an outdoor environment…gardening, story time, learning activities and arts and crafts are all examples, among many others, of what you might see taking place in this wonderful learning environment. The multi-purpose room provides a place for our students to run, play and burn off that excess energy even when the weather won’t allow us outside.

Early literacy is essential in the lives of young children. Experts are now aware that the development of language and literacy skills literally begins at birth. Children develop much of their capacity for learning in the first three years of life, when their brains grow to 90% of their eventual adult weight. Competence in early language literacy provides a strong foundation for successful reading.

The Early Literacy program is a crucial part of The Morgan School Curriculum. Our Early Literacy lessons are built right into our day-to-day routine and are taught according to the academic ability of the students.   

The students at The Morgan School have the advantage of formal Spanish classes. Our Spanish classes follow our philosophy and educational theorist Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development; we believe children learn best through doing. Herefore our students will acquire the Spanish language by singing, dancing, dramatic play, puppet shows and story time. Our multiple approaches to teaching Spanish grant all types of learners the opportunity to acquire the language. The Morgan School’s Spanish program follows a thematic approach allowing students to learn through topics that interest them while having fun. Exposure, interaction and repetition give the students the confidence and desire to understand and speak Spanish.

Ingrained in The Morgan School Curriculum, is our Character Education program, which focuses on moral actions and positive behavior and emphasizes kindness and caring towards others. Through monthly character words, lessons, and activities, The Morgan School children are given many opportunities to be the best they can be!

Come tour our building anytime — no appointment necessary! We are confident that you will experience The Morgan School Advantage through our building, program, staff, and community.