The Founder

The Morgan School is owned & operated by Meghann Davies. To say that Meghann is “involved” in the day-to-day operations at The Morgan School would be a massive understatement. Most days, parents see Meghann when they drop their children off early in the morning and again when they pick them up late in the evening. Meghann is on-site full time to supervise the staff, and oversee the school’s day-to-day operations but her primary responsibility is to assure that an unparalleled quality of service and education is offered to every child.

Meghann has been passionate about education from a young age and always knew she wanted to teach. Meghann attended Miami University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Education.

Prior to creating and opening The Morgan School, Meghann, a licensed Missouri teacher, taught in two St. Louis area school districts where she had radically different experiences. Meghann’s first teaching experience was with Riverview Gardens, a challenged North St. Louis County school district. Meghann taught in Riverview Garden’s alternative learning program for at risk high school students who struggled with behavioral issues and were on the verge of expulsion. Later, Meghann taught 4th grade within the Rockwood School District where she was consistently recognized for her dedication, energy, and high level of involvement.

While these two experiences were profoundly different, they both served to strengthen Meghann’s long held belief that the first years of education are critical to a child’s later academic success. Meghann recognized a need for an education based pre-school with a structured education plan that fosters a love of learning and strong self-confidence in every child. The Morgan School is the culmination of Meghann’s hard work and dedication to fill this need. Meghann opened the Dardenne Prairie location in October of 2008 and the Wentzville location in November of 2018.

Meghann is also a Morgan School parent. Meghann’s daughter, Eleanor, was the very first student enrolled at the Dardenne Prairie location, and was in the infant room on opening day in October 2008.  Meghann’s son, Dylan, is a student at the Wentzville location. Meghann, Eleanor, Dylan and their dog Mazie live in Dardenne Prairie. Eleanor is now an active student at St. Joseph’s Academy and very involved in lacrosse.  Meghann is always available for any questions you may have.