The Morgan School Curriculum was created to meet the needs of all children, with a comprehensive literacy-based curriculum built around monthly themes. School-wide activities, classroom lessons and center activities are differentiated to meet the needs and ability levels in each room and promote skills for a life-time of learning.

Our Scope and Sequence was created for children to build upon prior knowledge with the end goal to be Kindergarten readiness. Each age group has specific goals designed around the monthly themes and state standards.

Your child’s daily routine is designed to focus on the different areas of development (involving blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sensory, music and movement, cooking, computers and outdoors.) The Missouri Early Childhood Standards, The Elementary Show-Me Standards, the local public school districts and Parents As Teachers were all referenced when creating our expectations for students.

Various assessments are included in our curriculum, allowing for frequent and regular feedback between teachers and parents. Parent-Teacher conferences will be held twice a year to formally discuss your child’s progress. That said, never hesitate to stop your child’s teacher to talk about his/her progress!

Monthly Themes

The Morgan School uses a whole language thematic approach to learning. The monthly themes not only align with the DESE State Standards, but also captivate out students’ imagination and interest. As a new theme is introduced each month, the school goes through a literal transformation; whether a zoo or a highway full of modes of transportation, the students become engaged the moment they enter the building.

The lessons for each month revolve around the theme, whether it be art projects or learning specific vocabulary. Many of The Morgan School Advantages and in-house activities incorporate the theme as well.

Letter of the Week

The Morgan School approach to the Letter of the Week was designed in coordination with our Speech and Language Pathologist to maximize effectiveness. The unique sequence mimics the way the mouth naturally forms sounds and is incorporated into our Language Arts lesson each day.

Our Letter of the Week approach allows all of the students to explore initial sounds in text; whether they are taking “word walks” throughout the school, singing letter songs, or brainstorming a list of words beginning with the specific letter. The culmination of the week is celebrated with Show and Tell, with an item brought from home, relating to the letter of the week.

Baby Signs

To encourage communication at the earliest states, The Morgan School incorporates baby sign, a sign language approach into the curriculum for our Infants and Toddlers.  Below are a few examples the signs that are taught and used daily.