Family Stories

About every day we pull up and say, “We love The Morgan School!” My son and daughter have attended each age and classroom at your school and every room is full of delight! The Morgan School’s exceptional staff prepared my son for kindergarten and he has started reading and received compliments of how well prepared he for this important year. I can’t thank all of you enough for what you’ve taught him and us throughout our years together.

My daughter is no longer in the infant room and has grown into the older 2 room. She has become so confident and is proud of herself because of her kind teachers. She has come so far this year with her vocabulary, counting in Spanish, daily activities and she enjoys the nurturing environment very much. What a wonderful curriculum you’ve created for the nearly 3 year olds and her progress report was detailed perfectly by her teachers. I know this is the perfect place for her and we are so grateful that you’ve created such a wonderful learning atmosphere.

We’ve even enrolled in the 2011 summer camp and my children are so excited about all the fun they will have with field trips and special guests throughout the summer! This peace of mind allows me to enjoy my career, focus on my workday and enjoy life as a working parent. We sincerely appreciate everything thing that The Morgan School is. All of you are so special to our family and we are so grateful to each of you for your dedication to education.

Here at The Morgan School, we continue have confidence year after year and so, I know that’s the reason we always say, “We love The Morgan School!

With Love and many thanks,
The Johnson Family

I am so pleased to have found The Morgan School! My daughter has grown so much mentally and emotionally here, and the optional extracurricular activities allow her the chance to explore other interests as well. Every day she has something new to share with me. As a parent, I also love that the staff is easily accessible and that they know not only my daughter, but my husband and me, as well. It’s wonderful to have found such a bright, happy school, populated with caring teachers and staff, for my daughter to enjoy when I have to work.

The O’Brien Family

I was calling various schools and since it was Christmas break, some didn’t answer and others wanted me to set an appointment to come in. When I called Morgan School, they simply said to just come on in whenever-that they had an Open Door Policy, which was refreshing after several requests to set an appointment. I think I loved Morgan School from the moment I walked in. Everyone I saw or spoke to seemed happy to be there. The teachers I visited were warm and welcoming and not annoyed that we were coming into their day unannounced. Each classroom had a theme and windows…I didn’t feel boxed in as I did other places I had visited. And, each month had a special theme for the school-I could tell everyone put special thought into each theme and the activities for that month. Another huge difference for me was The Morgan School has two separate Two Year Old Rooms-a young 2’s and an old 2’s. (This was important to me because my son was about 18 months when we enrolled). And, although the State of Missouri says you can have x number of kids per teacher, the Morgan School was only going to enroll X kids-they felt that the teachers and children would be happier. I was glad to hear that-not only do the care about the kids, but also the teachers. If the teachers weren’t happy then they would leave-they wanted to keep the teachers that they hand picked and not have the kids deal with the turn around.

So, needless to say we enrolled at The Morgan School. I knew this was the place for us-my son would be able to learn in a structured environment that understands he is a child, who wants to play and have fun, but still needs to develop and learn, both socially and mentally. I knew when I went to work he was going to be loved and cared for-that I wouldn’t have to worry or wonder about his day. There has not been a day that I regretted my decision. I have always felt that I could talk to any of my son’s teachers (as well as Marcy and Meghann) – whether it was a question or a specific concern I had. They are wonderful about communicating so that we are on the same page and my son has consistency between school and home. My son loves Morgan School and adores his teachers-as do I. I just wish they also had a grade school for him to attend.

Thank you for everything-your hard work and dedication makes a difference in so many lives.

The Johnson Family