"I am so pleased to have found The Morgan School! My daughter has grown so much mentally and emotionally here"

“I know this is the perfect place for my daughter and we are so grateful that you’ve created such a wonderful learning atmosphere.”

"I think I loved Morgan School from the moment I walked in. Everyone I saw or spoke to seemed happy to be there."

"My son and daughter have attended each age and classroom at your school and every room is full of delight!"



We passionately believe in the value of education, and the importance of treating our children with
compassion and encouragement. Our teaching philosophy is based on renowned Swiss developmental
child psychologist Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, which states essentially that “children
learn best by doing.” Children at The Morgan School are given opportunities to learn through experience
and play, with many stimulating activities throughout the day.

Not all students learn at the same pace, or in the same way. Based on this understanding, we evaluate
a student’s individual needs and set his or her goals accordingly. Individual goals are designed to be
challenging but attainable. Students quickly begin to feel personal accomplishment, which leads to a
positive self-image and increased self-esteem.

Parents are an integral part of the individual goals we set for their children. We firmly believe that the
key to our children’s success depends upon strong communication with our families. We strive to inform
our parents of their child’s accomplishments every day, and we welcome input, questions or concerns.

The Morgan School enrolls children as young as six weeks old, and offers before- and after-school care
for students up to the age of 12. The common denominator among all of our children is that they are
active learners who are encouraged, challenged, and cared for every day.