"My son and daughter have attended each age and classroom at your school and every room is full of delight!"

"I think I loved Morgan School from the moment I walked in. Everyone I saw or spoke to seemed happy to be there."

"I am so pleased to have found The Morgan School! My daughter has grown so much mentally and emotionally here"

“I know this is the perfect place for my daughter and we are so grateful that you’ve created such a wonderful learning atmosphere.”



The Morgan School Curriculum was created to meet the needs of all children. Our comprehensive-literacy based- curriculum includes school-wide themes and lessons that create consistency within our school. Monthly themes, classroom lessons and center activities promote skills for a life-time of learning. Various assessments are included in our curriculum, allowing for frequent and regular feedback for teachers and parents. 

Your child’s daily routine will include fun activities designed to focus on the different areas of development: blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sensory, music and movement, cooking, computers and outdoors. The Missouri Early Childhood Standards, The Elementary Show-Me Standards, local public school districts and Parents As Teachers were all referenced when creating our expectations for students.

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