"I think I loved Morgan School from the moment I walked in. Everyone I saw or spoke to seemed happy to be there."

"I am so pleased to have found The Morgan School! My daughter has grown so much mentally and emotionally here"

“I know this is the perfect place for my daughter and we are so grateful that you’ve created such a wonderful learning atmosphere.”

"My son and daughter have attended each age and classroom at your school and every room is full of delight!"


Brown Bear Room and Moon Room

*Based on the books, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, written by Eric Carle and Goodnight Moon, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd.

Infants at The Morgan School are on their own individual schedules; established through communication between parents and the care givers at The Morgan School. A typical day in the Infant room is made up of eating, sleeping, playing and cuddling. The infant room was very specifically designed with the infant in mind and includes unique attributes such as bright walls, eye catching murals, plenty of black and white contrast, and baby-height windows designed to allow infants at look at the outside world. Sign language is taught and used in the classrooms to help foster infant communication. Each infant will receive a daily report each informing parent about how their child’s day went and providing parents with important information on feeding, diapering and sleeping times.